The incredible facility at CrossFit Glasgow is perfect for Team Training sessions.

If you and your team fancy experiencing the fast paced fun of CrossFit sessions, then myself and another CrossFit Coach can take your team through a specially planned tough but fun workout with all the team spirit and intensity that CrossFit is famous for!

Tyre flipping, sprints, box jumps, kettlebells, barbells, atlas stones and many other toys at our disposal means your team is in for training sessions that they wont forget in a hurry.

I put a major emphasis on good movement practice, skills and technique. So you and your team are guaranteed to be in safe hands. Safe hands that will also push them to achieve.

I also like to spend time on mobility so if that is something you think your team would benefit from it can be included in the session.


Minimum charge of £35 – this allows for up to 10 persons taking part.



Each additional participant will pay £3.50.

E.g. 20 participants = £70

To find out more drop me an email with any questions.


Sessions are arranged individually and availability will be discussed on request.

Sessions will be planned in advance. If there are any special requests for content please ask at time of booking. eg. Mobility for half of the session or emphasis on good bench press technique or Clean and Jerk technique…etc

Session will be 1 hour with overflow time up to 1.5 hours to allow for questions etc.

Par-Q completed on arrival.

Session will start at agreed time.