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What You Eat Matters

Calories are just one part of a much bigger picture when it comes to weight loss.

Imagine how you would feel if you ate:

  • No breakfast

  • Pot-noodle for lunch

  • Packet of biscuits

  • Bowl of pasta for dinner

  • 1800cals.

Now imagine how you would feel if you ate:

  • Bacon, eggs and grilled tomatoes for breakfast.

  • Roasted chicken and grilled veggies for lunch.

  • Steak, homemade oven chips, onions and broccoli for dinner.

  • Protein yogurt, banana, a smoothie, and a protein bar for a snack.

  • Also1800cals.


In fact, don't just imagine it.

Try it!!



I take it back.

Definitely do not try the first scenario!


Quality control

The TYPE of food we eat effects how we feel.

- this is really important to consider when you are trying to lose weight.

The first scenario will leave the consumer feeling pretty rough;

- ups and down of energy, weird cravings for high calorie foods, irritability and never really feeling satisfied.

The second scenario is full of:

- happiness, satiety and great mood.

If you are happy and full, you are much more likely to to stay on track.

  • And much less likely to murder your colleague for typing too loudly.

The Feels

This is one of the reasons why Good Human advocates eating well balanced meals, that have a source of protein and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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Kathleen Kirkpatrick
Kathleen Kirkpatrick
30 Μαρ 2023

It DOES feel better to eat better - although I also think that there's a very healthy and valid line of argument that says, when you eat that chocolate cake with cream on a cheat day/part of 20%, enjoy it for what it is as part of variety. It is high fat, high sugar but actually necessary as part of balance.

I think it's the same with exercise, meditation, study, water etc, etc. As harmonious and authentic balance as poss?

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Kathleen Kirkpatrick
Kathleen Kirkpatrick
31 Μαρ 2023
Απάντηση σε

It's a 'sweet smell of success', then? 😀🤩 Funnily enough, I love the taste of fresh fruit at night and that food is a bit more sweeter for you than other choices!! I still struggle with a consistent fruit intake but there's a freshness and 'life' about it that I'm getting into.....xx

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