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What does a fully non processed day look like?

We talk a lot about eating whole and unprocessed foods.

But what does that look like as a full day of eating?


  1. Eggs, bacon and asparagus

  2. Frittata

  3. Fry up - done in spray oil or water - bacon, eggs, tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms - you could also add in grated sweet potato or sliced white potato.

  4. Oatmeal


  1. Chicken or prawn salad

  2. Cold roasted veg in balsamic vinegar

  3. Raw veg, homemade humous, meat of choice and rice salad

  4. Soup


  1. Roast dinner - meat, veg, potatoes

  2. Rice mixed with diced veg and meat of choice (can easily be done in spices)

  3. Stir fry

  4. Roast chicken, homemade oven (or air fryer) chips and any veg.

  5. Fajitas with a lettuce wrap


  1. Any fruit or veg

  2. Homemade humous or guacamole with chopped veg

  3. Apple and whole nut butter

  4. Smoothie

Bare in mind it is not essential to eat absolutely no processed foods.

So your day could easily include a sandwich or a slice of bread with soup etc

Just try to keep any processed items to one a day.

And don't panic or worry if you are only managing this to a small degree.

It gets easier over time.

Be patient with yourself :)

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