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Unlocking 100 Life Hacks to Help You Live Your Best Life

How many have you tried?

100 Life Hacks (1)
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I considered the more apt title of '100 things to consider trying at least once if you want to live a full, healthy and vibrant life. All of which require context and explanation.' but let's face it, it just doesn't have the same appeal.

The List

The list was created after a conversation about the 100 books to read lists. I made a casual bet that I could write a similar list for 100 life enhancing tips in under 5 took me about 8 mins to get to 79...I slowed down a bit, but rounded the list off in less than 15 mins.


Sadly it is impossible to fully appreciate this list without further context.

And I know just how much the internet enjoys context and nuance...👀

Let's start at Number 1/100 - Protein

Required to help build, repair and maintain muscle mass.


0.7 x bodyweight in lbs = grams of protein per day

  • It is also great for helping to control bodyweight.

  • Protein will help with satiety.

  • So will help prevent overeating.

Try to get your protein from unprocessed sources.

Most people do not eat anything like enough protein, maybe enough to keep them alive, but not enough to help them get stronger or thrive.

Don't panic if you find this difficult to achieve, or if you fall short some days, you won't immediately keel over. If you are trying to up your intake and are managing it most days, then you are moving the needle in the right direction. Over time, it gets easier.

Track your protein via a tracking app like 'My Fitness Pal' or 'Nutracheck' can be quite a shock to see if your diet is heavily loaded towards carbohydrates and low in protein.

Print and keep

What I suggest is that you print a copy.

Pin it somewhere.

Follow this Blog, FB, Instagram, or even better, join The Tribe at Good Human.

And tick off the things you have tried as I explain all 100 of them.

(The deepest explanations will be available to The Tribe Members).

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