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Polly's Pissed Off

Polly has tried every diet.

None of them work.

She is royally pissed off and can't see any way forward.

She has tried EVERYTHING!!!!

My heart breaks for Polly.

The internet and media has fed her fancy packed lies and ready to eat quick fixes.

And has left her feeling like it should be easy.

If only she knew how.

If only she could find the right answer.

It is hard for Polly to push all the nonsense to the side and accept that a good diet that works does not have to have some great secret behind it.


Gods and Man

If there is a secret.

Here it is:

'If the Gods made it.

Eat it.

If man made it.


ie. Eat foods that can be pulled off a tree, from the ground, cut from an animal etc.

If it was scraped off the floor and reconstituted into a shiny wrapper then put it down.

Polly: Why though?

Me: Micronutrients Polly, micronutrients.

Real non-processed foods are rich in the vitamins and minerals that your body NEEDS in order to function optimally, they also tend to be lower in calories and higher in fibre.

Processed foods are not.

But they do tend to be delicious, calorie dense and addictive.

Polly: So why have none of the diets worked Anne?

Me: Mostly because they are not designed to work...not long term anyway.

They are designed to have you lose weight quickly, gain it back and have to go back for another quick weight loss disaster.

You see Polly, if someone offers you a quick route to weight loss - as appealing as it may be - please run.

Run fast.

And run far!!!

Polly: But...

Me: No. Polly. No.



Most diets out there have no consideration for your health.

They are a quick rollercoaster 'fix'.

They ask dumb things from you

  • tiny amounts of calories

  • shakes

  • no carbs

  • no bananas

  • no life

They can in some cases even be downright dangerous.

They are completely unsustainable.

Which means they have an end point.

And then what?

What happens after you have 'completed' the extreme low calorie ruin your life diet?

Polly: I think I'm understanding.

Me: The quality of the diet matter so much.

If it cannot be done forever then it should not be done at all.

  • I would like to think it is obvious that I do not mean you have to lose weight forever lol

  • I mean that the base of the diet should be 'normal'.


Good Human Diet

Eat adequate protein every day

  • unprocessed

  • 0.7 x bodyweight in pounds

The rest of your calories for the day are carb and fat.


  • 50 - 70g health fat a day

  • essential for health

To lose weight.

  • reduce your maintenance calories by 200 per day

Eat real food.


Lots of fruits and veg.



Polly: That seems a bit easy?

Me: It is. It takes a bit of habit changing though. But once you get used to your meals being meat, fruits and veg it really does get easier.

Polly: I'm suspicious. What about goji berries. I'm sure I read they are a superfood and will melt fat off me.....


Polly: Gottcha hahahaha

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