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Losing weight over 40 - why it is so hard

It's probably not why you think!

I (Anne) am just shy of 45.

I hope that helps the digestion of what I am about to say...because, unlike Friday brunch and Chablis, it might be hard to swallow.

The message currently available to you

I have just watched too many minutes of the most patronising infomercial.

A beautiful 20 something lad earnestly *insert heart wrenching music* empathising with why when you are over 40 you have to buy bigger clothes, how you have given up, how you are unable to think for yourself unless some ego driven adolescent who has never been overweight in his life comes to save you.

I honestly believe there should be a ban on men in their 20s giving nutritional advice to women over 40.




No wonder you reach for the Pinot Grigio

I'll cut them some slack - maybe they really are trying to help...

Bu this patronising, empathetic (pathetic), approach to help delivers the wrong message.

'There's no hope for you unless you pay me dollar ££££ - then I'll save you from your 40 something hell with these supplements and this insane diet'.

But here's the thing

You don't need to give anyone hundreds of dollars for the answer.

In fact, you need to spend less...on alcohol, coffees and eating out!

You see the biggest issues that women (and men) over 40 face are long term unhealthy habits that are so entrenched that you have convinced yourself that

  1. it is normal (correct).

  2. that because its normal it cant possibly be the problem (incorrect).

When did it go wrong

What age were you when it became the norm to open a bottle when you came in from work 'to destress'.

- when you started having a 'wee drink' every night.

- when you started to fuel your work day on coffee and cup cakes?

-when you started getting lunch from Greggs.

- when going out for dinner became a weekly occurrence.

- when takeaways happened every Friday.


Stubborn fat or stubborn habits?

Ask yourself - with deep and introspective honesty - if I told you that you will lose weight if you eat 200-300 calories less daily than you do at the moment.

And that that might mean recording the calories in your wine as well as your meals.

Would you do it?

Would you face the truth of your habits?

Losing weight might mean facing up to the 2000 calorie takeaway that you have convinced you self is just occasional, even though it is literally every single Friday.

That your 'stubborn belly fat' is not stubborn at all, it is your long term habits that are stubborn.


So why was it so easy when you were 20?

When younger you simply didn't have the long term habits that you have now lived with for over 40 years.

You hadn't been 20 years deep into a stressful job/marriage that results in destressing through food, coffee and alcohol.

You hadn't been though that 10 year loving relationship with a feeder.

You hadn't reached the age where excessive alcohol and coffee consumption isn't only socially acceptable, it is socially expected!

So where does that leave you?

Fully in control of moving forward.



I am not pretending making changes is easy.

But understanding that you can in fact change is the first step.

Lean on Good Human.

Follow the Fruit and Veg Challenge.

Do the Diet plan.

And start the journey.

Your journey.

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