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How to be fit

Do you find yourself feeling like a fitness failure?

Step back from thinking of fitness as a point for comparison.

It is not a measure of your success or value.

It is a tool to keep you healthy, capable, confident and independent throughout your life.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

In my twenty odd years in the industry I have watched many people abandon their fitness because they attached meaning to it, and when they did not reach or maintain the standard they imagined existed....they quit.

Be very clear.

To improve your health (and life) through fitness the most important thing is THAT YOU DO IT.

At all.

At any level.

And for all of your life.

You do not have to run 5km in under 30mins in order to improve your fitness.

You do not need to train 5 days a week in order to improve your fitness.

You do not need to do 10000 steps a day in order to improve your fitness.

You just need to do something.


For each individual the volume, type, speed, time etc will vary depending upon where you are at at any given moment.


I can hear the wails of the internetsperts as I type....

Nooooooooo, it must be 10000 steps other wise you are not even trying!!

What's even the point if you're only doing one class per week??!

You're never going to be fit if that is all you do!!


We are all at different places, both physically and emotionally.

For some - a 1km walk (or even just leaving their house) is HUGE!!

And I applaud you!

For some - a marathon is fantastic.

And I applaud you!

For some - it is a 5 min home workout.

And I applaud you!

For some - it is 5 CrossFit classes a week.

And I applaud you!

We cannot judge ourselves based on what other people are doing.

Through out my life I have been more and less fit.

At times I have been super strong.

At times, not so much.

At times I have been super fast.

At times, not so much.

I cannot look at my past self as a measure of my current self.

We are two different people.


Please do not attach emotional meaning to your fitness activities.

Please do not use your fitness as a measure of your self worth.

Please just use fitness activities to improve your current life situation in which ever way you can currently manage.

And allow it to expand and contract naturally with no judgement throughout your life.

Consistency will always top everything else.

If you train until you can run 5km in under 30 mins then go back to your couch then you are not understanding the value of fitness and you used it is a measuring tool for worth rather than a health tool.


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