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Failures not an option - it's a choice

Do you give up on your goals as soon as you make the first mistake?

Any successful person has 'failed' far more times than they have succeeded.

They just never viewed it as failure.

They viewed it as part of the journey.

Janet & Jeff

Janet wanted to run an Ultra marathon in Bali - 50 miles.

She told her husband (Jeff) and he laughed, 'you can't even run round the park', he scoffed.

- we don't like Jeff.

Janet didn't give a * about Jeffs negativity and she started training.

The Bali Ultra was a year away.

She ran and ran and ran.

A year later she ran a marathon in Manchester - 26.2 miles.

Had divorced Jeff.

And started dating Mark - a sexy runner who is really positive and supportive.

So you see, Janet aimed high and ended up way better off a year later than if she had never tried.

- Do you think she failed?

Should all goals be huge?

We missed out the part of the story where Janet set her first goal as running around the park.

It took her a month and she nearly gave up - Jeff would have loved that.

She did a lot of walking during that time.

And saw every single walk, no matter how short, as a win.

She walked 1km to the shop - win.

She went out to run a mile but walked it instead - win.

She walked around the park - win.

Everything - no matter how small - win.

There is no destination

It is only a fail if you don't see the journey.

Janet set out thinking her destination was the Ultra in Bali.

But really it was Mark, the Manchester marathon and beyond.

She didn't think that was a fail.

With Jeff

Imagine if she had given up when she tried to run around the park the first time - defiant that she would prove Jeff wrong - only to find out, he was right.

Imagine if she let her story end there.

With Jeff.

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