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Do you live for future you?

Perfect you.

Where everything has fallen into place and you are fit and healthy.

You have reaped the rewards of all the good decisions that present day you has made.

You are basking in the joy of having done the work.............👀

But instead you are accidentally just reliving the past.

And are in an infinite loop of repetition?

And future you is just going to look exactly the same as past you.

Because in reality you are not doing anything in the present to produce the fantasy you of the future.

Darn it.

The Past

We have a hideous habit of acknowledging our past as evidence of who we are and what we are capable of.

We use memories of relationships, diets, jobs, incidents, events and decisions to inform us of who we are and what we can expect from our future.

The Future

A predictable repetition of what has come before.

We have a lifelong template that proves to us who we are and what we can expect.


Break the Wheel

(points for recognising a random Game of Thrones reference)

So are we just stuck.

Never to change and grow?

We are just a blueprint of what we have learned and nothing can break that cycle?


The first step to escaping our past is to see it for what it is.

A bunch of memories.

(and as I have mentioned before much of our memory is made up - so there's that!).

The only you that really matters is you right now.

In this second.

This moment.

Future you is a product of present day you.

NOT past you.

The choices, actions and decisions that you make right now, today, will build the you of the future.

Spend a little moment thinking on that.

  • what needs to change for you to live into the future you of your dreams?

  • fantasy you we mentioned earlier actually can exist.

  • but not by magic.

If you want future you to be so different from past you that you cannot quite believe that past you actually existed then you need to:

  • let go of past you - that is NOT who you are less you make it so

  • make decisions and choices that move you towards the future you that you desire

  • pay attention to accidental repetitions from past you that hold you back

You really can be who ever you want.

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