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Diets work

If you do them.

Most all weight loss diets are set up on one single principle.

- eat less calories, lose weight.

Keto, carnivore, paleo, slimming world, weight watchers, intermittent fasting etc

- less calories

- lose weight

They are just decorated with fluffy attractive ideas that if you do this slightly (or incredibly) extreme thing, it must be better.

And that's appealing to us, because, if diets were simple, it would be easy.



If it was easy then no one would be fat.

Our diet principles are easy enough to understand.

- that sadly does not mean that it's a free pass to success.

- sorry.

- I wish it was.


Exterminate. Exterminate.

Our environments are here to destroy us.

For real.

Billions of pounds are fighting for your two quid investment into their processed food empire.

- and they wouldn't do that, if it didn't work.

- millions of two quid investments made over and over and over equates to several billions.

- they make their products seductive, they lie to you, they put them in easy reach, convenient locations, pretty packages and they are of course - delicious!

And its killing us.

You are being manipulated at the deepest levels.

- and you're not immune to it.

- none of us are.


Then there is our primordial addiction to comfort.

- we are primed to look for it.

- covet it.

- nurture it.

And its killing us.

Sit still, preserve energy, crave high calorie foods.

Doomed to fail?


It certainly can look that way.

And one hundred percent feel that way.

On top of the above issues there is also social media and our high exposure to quick fixes and instant gratification.

- we are encouraged not to take personal responsibility for anything we do.

Just give up.

There are two ways of looking at this.

Give in, there's no point, I'm impotent, its too hard.


Okay, now I can see it, I cannot unsee it, I feel empowered and know the responsibility lies with me and my decisions.


Persistence & Ownership for the win - boring but true

Back to the start.

All diets work.

- as in you will lose weight.

- if you are compliant.

How to.

First be okay with it not being easy.

- so when you struggle it doesn't mean the diet is too hard, or you should give up, it means...It's difficult.

The process is difficult.

- preserver.

Persistence wins all.

Take ownership of your choices and decisions and remember negative languaging IS NOT empowering so when you make a mistake.

- don't use it as an opportunity to think of your self in a self defeating way.

- just recognise the mistake and move on.

Our diet plan & group

If you are following our diet plan and are struggling please use the group for help.

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