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Better than nothing - the unknown secret to success

Go faster.


Work harder.

Suffer more.

The route to success is paved with pain and purgatory.


Is it?



Polly is 37 now and has been training since she was 17.

She is fit and capable and can turn her hand to most sports without too much issue.

She moves through the world with confidence and ease.

Twenty years of training.

She definity hasn't trained every day.

Or is extraordinary in some way.

She isn't a genetic anomaly.

Or has anything to prove.

She has trained for twenty years because she has a simple philosophy.

'Anything is better than nothing'.


Polly walks sometimes

Polly knows that exercise - as well as all other things in her life are endless - they are a journey.

No end goal.

No finish line.

She is okay with that.

Consistency doesn't have to mean 5km a day for the rest of her life.

For Polly, it means not giving up the first time she walks instead of runs.

Or she misses a day.

Or she feels super sub optimal.


It means accepting and KNOWING that she is going to miss days and have off days.

It means sometimes she will feel incredible and achieve loads.

And other times she will feel like roadkill.

And at times those roadkill feels will go on for weeks.

Maybe even months.



It doesn't mean she has failed.

Failure only exists if you think the journey has an end.

And you 'fail' to get there.



Polly sees absolutely no reason that she will not be fit and capable for the rest of her life.

She knows she doesn't give up when the wheels come off.

She just lets them wobble for a bit.

And then once she gets her head straight.

She tightens the bolts and goes for an leisurely drive.

The wheels start turning.

Her world starts moving.

And bit by bit.

As the years go by.

Polly stays fit.

She stays capable.


And she keeps moving forward.

Polly knows

Even if it is a walk to the corner shop.

It is better than nothing.

And sometimes.

That's all we have.


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