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5 Ways to fit fitness into your busy life

Do you struggle to find time for your fitness?

Running about with the kids, doing washing, finishing work late, getting to the supermarket, cooking and endless mundane day to day life

tasks suck up every minute and leave you feeling drained.

We all know that exercise is essential for our health and well being, and sometimes lack of time simply isn't an's a real issue!

So if you are struggling and need to squeeze your fitness into a tight schedule here are our top 5 ways to fit fitness into your busy life.


30 mins until you have to go pick up the kids

- stick some washing in the machine, the roast veg is in the oven, right, now is your chance!

1. Online home workouts.

We recommend ones that include weights as they give you better bang for your buck. Grab a pair of dumbbells from Aldi or off Amazon (recommendations below) and type into the internet '20 min DB home workout'. Go!

2. Walk/jog/run

This one is obvious but we think people underestimate just how valuable a 30 min walk, jog or run is. What you choose will be mostly dependant on your current level of fitness. To make the walk have more impact get a good pace going. And if there is a hill close by get up it!

3. Ruck

Want to level up your walk? Stick a backpack on and add some weights to it. Doesn't matter what the weights are, just load up the pack and get a good determined pace going. More weight = more effort.

4. Set mini challenges

Fun and simple. Weights are optimal, but not essential. You will still feel great after trying this bodyweight challenge...

Set a timer for 5 x 4 mins with 1 min rest between.

Each 4 min window try a different movement and see how many repetitions you can do.

Here are our favourite movements to try: squats, burpees, russian twists, step ups, mountain climbers, shuttle runs, sit ups - feel free to choose your own!

Record your number of reps for each movement and see if you can beat it next time.

- if you do have weights you could try this same format but with weighted movements.

5. Make up your own fun workouts

Controversial, we know, but you're a rebel so let's go!!

Plus, you can't complain about how hard something was if you wrote it yourself! 😅

When making a workout up try to have a mix of leg movements, arm movements and core work. Use weights or don't, it's all good. For even more humour get a friend or the kids to write it for you (you'll find out pretty quick if they love you or not!!).

We have a couple of examples below.

Write them with or without weights depending on what you have and get creative.

If you're moving when you wouldn't have been other wise then you have nailed it!

We would love to see what you come up with - tag us on social media and let us marvel at your creative masterpieces! 😁


Don't listen to the negative narrative about not doing enough

Remember, fitting fitness into your busy life is so good for your mental well being as well as your physical condition. So please don't avoid doing something because you don't think it is enough, or good enough. If it is more than zero then you are doing great.


Here are a couple of examples of what quickly made up workouts could look like:

Set timer to 20 mins and do the following as many times as you can

20 Squats

10 Push ups

10 Sit ups

10 Broad jumps

20 Mountain climbers

20 Russian twists

20 Lunges

10 Plank shoulder taps


Set a running clock (17 mins)

Do as many reps of each movement as you can in each 1 min interval

Minute 1 - Burpees

Minute 2 - Lunges or steps ups

Minute 3 - Kettlebell swings

Minute 4 - Over head presses

Minute 5 - Sit ups

Minute 6 - Rest

Repeat 3 times


If you want help with quick workouts Good Human program 4 every week as part of the 'Good Human Plan' along with other tips like above to help you thrive in your busy life.


Links to weights.

2 x 5kg Dumbbells -

2 x 7.5kg Dumbbells -

2 x 10kg Dumbbells -

6kg Kettlebell -

10kg Kettlebell -

12kg Kettlebell -

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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Look up tonight’s One Show. They had a feature on lifting weights in later life.


Great advice! 💗 I really enjoy seeing weightlifting challenges on the Instagram page & I've been considering doing a video of me performing reps of exercises I find particularly challenging (turkish get-ups, devil presses, clean & jerk) & that I know I have to work on!! You mention getting a friend to write a workout as a challenge - well, open to suggestions for demo moves. Will probs post to here at first instead of Instagram 🥰

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