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5 Things to help you gain muscle and lose fat

The Holy Grail.

It seems like the best kept secret in the world.

Here are 5 things to help you gain muscle and lose fat::

1. Lift weights.

Seems obvious, but if you want to be lean and strong then you're going to have to do some impactful weight training. I suggest not just making this up, hire a PT or go to a class like CrossFit where they teach you to lift safely.

2. Eat more Protein.

Most people aren't eating enough, and if you are lifting weights and want to build muscle then you need more still.

70% of bodyweight in lbs = Grams of protein per day (as a minimum).

If you are training hard then 100% is better.

3. Walk.

The most underestimated exercise. We all know about 10000 steps a day, but lets add a little extra spice. Get more bang for your buck by putting on a weighted vest or a ruck sack and hike...up hill preferably...with a decent pace!!

4. No highly processed foods.

Junk food will set you back. It's going to be harder to get lean if you are supplementing your high protein intake with burgers, bread and buns.*

5. No alcohol.

Meh, no one wants to hear this one.

But everyone knows the truth of it.

If you are really wanting to be lean and strong then alcohol is not your friend. It's not just the calories, it's the rebound effect. Whilst drinking, and the next day, you are more likely to make poor food choices. You might also feel less like training and if you do train it will be at a lower standard. You will be more tired and have poorer recovery.



It would be remise of me not to mention calories.

Put simply - you will not lose fat if your calorie intake is too high.

Yes - you need adequate calories for the training you are doing, but don't go crazy.

Some people might even need to eat more once they start training (this is very individual though).

And others might find that their diet is altered enough via the higher protein intake and that they get great results from that alone.


*Good news - most of your diet each day should be made up of protein and fruits and veg, but in many people there is room for around 300 calories of whatever they fancy each day.

More if you are larger and training harder.


Links to some things that might help you:


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Creatine Monohydrate -

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