Personal Training



‘Strong body. Strong mind’.

I run my Personal Training in Glasgow at the amazing facility of CrossFit Glasgow on Commerce Street in Glasgow City Center – where I am also a Coach.

The equipment available at CrossFit Glasgow is outstanding.  At our disposal there is rowers, tyres, barbells, pull ups bars, skipping ropes, climbing ropes, kettlebells, safety and caIMG_0419mber squat bars, farmers handles, atlas stones, plyo boxes and lots lots more!

The list of exercises we can do is endless and ensures there is no risk of getting bored or hitting a plateau.

We will start off with a consultation. We will establish what your personal goals are and how we are going to achieve them.

Then….We make them a reality!!

Every personal training session will include variety and will be run specific to your goals and within your fitness capabilities – what you think you are capable of just now will grow and expand rapidly!

With my experience and commitment to you and with the facility and equipment I use you simply won’t find better Personal Training in Glasgow.

Everything is possible.IMG_2239 (1)