Becoming a Good Human top 3 recommendations

These are some of the interesting things that are keeping my attention just now.

The rumble roller

I can barely exist without my half size roller. There are other rollers out there but my many rumbleroller-foam-rollersyears of experience with them always lead me back to the rumble roller.

If you are training then you need to be mobilising. This is my bare minimum recommendation for keeping healthy.


How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

This book might not say to you anything you dont already know, but it will make you more How-to-win-friends-and-influence-peopleaware of your behavior and how what you do and say is translated by other people.

If you want to be good to other people and you want to do it to the best of your ability then this is an awesome starting place.



The Becoming Superhuman Podcast

My obsession with how diet impacts on your life grows.Robb-Wolf

Robb Wolf  is an endless source of detailed information. And this podcast is a great source for his present thinking.

“I just want to see people eat real food and chew it! And somehow… I’m still like a huge ***hole for saying it!”


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Competition Season for all


I love this time of year.
I am knee deep in competitions and constantly riding the rollercoaster of excitement, enthusiasm and endless possibilities.
I am no elite level athlete.
I am fairly average on a competition floor.
I just enjoy the buzz.
And sometimes I surprise myself.
There are millions of CrossFit and strength competitions available now and there is even an ever growing presence of scaled categories and masters divisions (a joy for someone like me who is just a year and a half off 40!!).
If you have never competed before then the first one I would suggest would be The CrossFit Open. They now include a scaled option and a new masters division of 35-39 (yay, for me).
Its a global event and is extremely well ran.
Check out to register.
I am about to head off to the gym to do a qualifier for The Battle of Britain Throwdown (their Masters division is 40+ boooo!!! So I will be competing at RX against all the 20 somethings….
Wish me luck!!

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Benedikt Magnusson Deadlift Seminar at CrossFit Glasgow

Another great day at CrossFit Glasgow yesterday, this time playing host to a Deadlift seminar from the legendary Deadlifter Benedikt Magnusson.

The crowd was a mix of the strength geeks of Glasgow – powerlifters, strongmen and crossfitters – all there to learn what it takes to be super strong, confident and unstoppable with their Deadlift.
Benedikt and his wife Gemma unreservedly out poured their incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to the gym with honesty, openness and humor. There was no feeling that they kept something critical to success as a secret, that they did not tell the whole story or that they took themselves too seriously. They gave considered and full answers to all questions and were not just polite to everyone but were warm and friendly.

Personally I took a lot from the seminar. As a Coach I firmly believe that you can always learn more no matter what your previous experience and knowledge; I seek that expansion of  information everyday so having the opportunity to learn first hand from someone who has lived and proven their training plan at the highest level was a real gift for me.

They concentrated mostly on how to train and how to build a 12 week programme. Although anyone who was keen to have their technique checked had plenty of opportunity for that also.
I loved the training plan talk, it made total sense to me. And I can see why it will work.
There is nothing more motivating and exciting than someone telling you that if you follow a training plan and commit to it and believe in it then you can achieve your dream numbers and you can achieve them in as little as 12 weeks!

If you are ever lucky enough to get the chance to meet or talk to either of the Magnussons then jump at it – I promise you will be glad you did.
Now I just need to get started!!
Lets see what the next 12 weeks bring….

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