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I just wanted to share a method of self-care that is very well-known but under-appreciated (well, it has been by me!). I had a professional beauty session of pedicure and manicure that was intensive but unobtrusive. An earlier win that day was to go swimming myself for the first time in about 15 years!!

Attention to detail counts.

Whether you are taking time to simply stop and walk with bare feet on the grassa or start studying for a PHD in Quantum Physics, the quality of our self-care matters.

Now I am glad that I can do more stuff like this than have enough left over to spend on a bag of tobacco.

I'm more into shouting yipee over a fitness class booking than sitting in with takeaway pizza and wine.

I'm glad of my tribe - instead of feeling lonely and pursuing the wrong company.

Happy for every breath, tribulation or prized!



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