• Am I fit enough to have a Personal Trainer? I haven’t exercised in years….in fact I’m a little scared of exercise.

I understand only too well how that feels.  I will help you set goals that are achievable and that will help you mark your progress. I will help you and guide you with suitable exercise. And will get you results in the shortest time possible and in the most effective way. And I will make sure that  you are working at a level that is safe for your abilities. I promise to make it fun!!

  • I can go for a run, do I really need a Personal Trainer to get me fit?

My years in sports and coaching has given me a host of invaluable knowledge. If you enjoy running then your training can be designed to make you a better runner and produce the best results in the shortest time. I will also motivate you. If you have a session arranged then I will show up ready to train you, even if you don’t really feel like it! You will work harder and at the correct level. I will help prevent injury from poor movement. I will look at your nutrition and make sure you are fueling your body correctly.

  • I cant afford Personal Training….it’s a waste of money, gym membership is much cheaper, surely that’s a better use of my money?

Its all about value. Every session with me will be carefully tailored to your specific goals and will be effective, rewarding and hopefully fun. Have you ever had a gym membership that is not used ?  With personal training every session will count. Personal Training is an investment in yourself  (something people don’t do enough)  it will increase your confidence, challenge you, make you smile and give you a real sense of achievement. If you really can’t afford it then weigh it up against a meal out or a couple of bottles of wine. Or consider splitting the cost with someone, or a small group. Training with friends/partners/family can be really good fun too.

  • I’m scared!!??

This is a very common and normal reaction. But honestly I am friendly and easy to get on with. I want you to get the best out of life and will do whatever I can to make you reach your goals….no matter how impossible they may feel and seem. I won’t have you doing anything that you are not capable of and I will talk to you, motivate you and help you through every step.

  • I am already pretty fit. I go to the gym twice a week. Really, what could a Personal Trainer add?

Call me to see where you are really at with an in depth fitness consultation.  It may be you have reached a plateau that you can’t get out of; I can definitely help with that. It may be that you are already dedicated to a single sport; I can make you better at that sport. Think golfers and weight training. Or cyclists and cross training. Or weightlifters doing speed, flexability and agility training. And maybe you think you have reached your pinnacle…you’re wrong…I will help you push your bounaries and go beyond.

  • I’m too old…Isn’t it dangerous for me to do exercise? I don’t want to end up injured?

Never ever hold your self back or think it is too late. Take control of your life by taking control of your fitness. You can literally roll back the physiological years with the correct training!!   The majority of people in care homes are there because they cannot get in and out of a chair without help…or on and off the toilet. Pretty sure you don’t want that? Controlled, planned and carefully considered training with me could help insure this never happens to you!

  • I don’t have time. How would I ever fit exercise into my schedule? I already have a gym membership that never gets used!

This is one of the best bits of Personal Training. It only takes an hour of your day to achieve great things. It could be before work (cant beat a morning workout),  after the kids have been dropped at school, after work or at any spare corner of your day.  Give me a call and I will see what we can sort out. And you know that the time you do spend with me working out will be time very well spent!

  • I work shifts, how would that work?

I get asked this an awful lot but don’t rule out Personal Training because of your work pattern. What normally happens is that at the end of each session we will arrange a time for the next one. Sometimes it is before a night shift or sometimes after. I would do my best to figure it out and always come up with a solution!

If the above does not help answer your queries then please drop me a

line/text/email/ carrier pigeon and I will get back to you.

“We take the work out of working out!!”