Competition Season for all


I love this time of year.
I am knee deep in competitions and constantly riding the rollercoaster of excitement, enthusiasm and endless possibilities.
I am no elite level athlete.
I am fairly average on a competition floor.
I just enjoy the buzz.
And sometimes I surprise myself.
There are millions of CrossFit and strength competitions available now and there is even an ever growing presence of scaled categories and masters divisions (a joy for someone like me who is just a year and a half off 40!!).
If you have never competed before then the first one I would suggest would be The CrossFit Open. They now include a scaled option and a new masters division of 35-39 (yay, for me).
Its a global event and is extremely well ran.
Check out to register.
I am about to head off to the gym to do a qualifier for The Battle of Britain Throwdown (their Masters division is 40+ boooo!!! So I will be competing at RX against all the 20 somethings….
Wish me luck!!

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