Competition – why compete?

The beauty of CrossFit training is the variety of directions that it takes you in. The last three years since I got involved in CrossFit has seen me training and competing in Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongwoman and CrossFit.

In fact the last few weeks alone have seen me do that!
This years Scottish Open Weightlifting Championships will be my third year in a row as a competitor.



Only two weeks ago I took part in the Scottish Open Powerlifting Championships.

A few weeks before that I won a Strongman Challenge at Glasgow Strength.
And straight after the Olympic Weightlifting is finished the CrossFit Open global competition begins!

Competing isn’t for everyone. And I often get asked what I get out of it or why I do it so much.
I believe there are numerous reasons.
I enjoy the challenge, it marks time and creates an event to talk about – I will remember a PR at a competition long after I remember the one on a random day in the gym.
I love the support and enthusiasm in competition: the feeling that your’e not only doing it for yourself but that other people are invested in your journey.
It pushes your boundaries as well: you tend to lift more and lift better in competition that in the gym.
It also pushes the boundaries of your character – you are either a person who likes to find out what they are made of or you are a person who hides from that. I love to find out. But believe me – I am never certain what the result will be!

My primary reason for beginning in competitions was an honest and altruistic one: I saw all the strength competitions full of men and wanted to even the numbers a little. I figured if I took part maybe, just maybe, other girls would too – and it worked. Two years on I still believe in that reason more than any other.

With the success of my last two competitions I am excited to see how I cope in the up coming Weightlifting one. The Strongman Challenge presented me with some serious competitors and it was no easy win for me. And the recent Powerlifting Meet was a solo performance – meaning there was only one other girl taking part on the day and she was in a different weight class.g

I was delighted with my day though and treated it as a personal challenge to try and PR on each lift.
Last year to this years scores were better than I could have hoped for.
Last years Back Squat was 85kg – this year 122.5kg.
Last years Bench was 50kg – this year 60kg.
Last years Deadlift was 120kg – this years 130kg.



The Weightlifting last year ended with a 42.5kg Snatch and a 58kg Clean and Jerk….I wonder what this year will bring?

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