Diets – It really is this simple

What you eat is a choice.
Your choice.
This is a simple but important point.
‘I’ve tried every diet there is, but none of them have made me lose weight’….If you have ever heard yourself or anyone else saying those words then bells should be ringing a warning.
When you view a laid out plan of eating that is geared to help you lose weight or gain size or be healthier (a part that many commercial and popular diets leave out) whether it works or not is down to you. It has been proven extensively that nearly any weight loss diet that is churned out into the mass market will work if those that participate stick to it. So adherence is key rather than content, right?
Certainly a level of personal responsibility has to be addressed. I can tell you what you should eat but you have to make the choice to do it and recognise that if you make different choices then the results will also be different. This is the most complex part of successful diets and it has nothing to do with calorie counting or how many meals you should be eating.
It is, in its most simple terms, personal responsibility.

So you have accepted the crushing level of responsibility that comes with feeding yourself and now you are probably wondering what the right choices are?

Well in three sentences here we have it:
No sugar (it will make your teeth fall out, make you really really fat and kill you).
Eat vegetables.
Eat protein (if it had a face or a mother then eat it).

Well that was easy wasn’t it!! No weighing, no measuring, no calorie counting.

And to address the questions that I get hit with as people go through the grief process of parting with sugar…

If it grows then you can eat it as long as it can be eaten in its natural form ie. not wheat.
Fruit has sugar in it so if you are serious about losing weight then limit fruit to before or after exercise.
Eat any meat that has not been processed.
Eat any veg, but make sure you know what’s a veg and what’s not (corns a grain).
If it is processed then do not eat it.
Pasta does not grow.
Bread does not grow.
Brown bread does not grow either.
And you can eat nuts too but keep them at a minimum if you are serious about losing weight.

And for those that like to do everything in moderation and say that a little sugar will not kill you…then I put this to you…a little rat poison will not kill you either but would you eat that if it tasted good or came in a pretty wrapper?

The choice….is yours!

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