Scottish Open Weightlifting Championship

On Sat 31st March I was massively excited to be taking part in my first Weightlifting competition. The Scottish Open was hosted by Crossfit Glasgow, it had 50 participants of mixed ages, sexes and abilities taking part infront of a packed hall. The judges were lined up eagle eyed and watching for any faults in form.
Lifters were nervous backstage and repeatedly adjusted their wrist wraps, chalked their hands and sized up their competition.
For anyone who hasn’t been involved in this sport before it involves two Olympic Lifts. These are ‘The Snatch’ and ‘The Clean and Jerk’. You have three attempts at each one and provided your lift is a success you can increase the weight on the bar each time. The final score is the combined total of the two best lifts.
The sport is not the muscle bound testosterone fuelled grunting fest that many mistake it for. The degree of agility, mobility, control and deep strength it takes to produce the best lifts is only equalled by the degree of bravery, confidence and conviction it takes to throw in some cases over 100kg above your head and squat down as you catch it.
I had the benefit of it being my first event in the sport and so did not have the weight of expectation on my shoulders that some of the competitors bore. Although I knew it was not possible for me to win as there was an incredible contender in my category who was out lifting me by such a large margin that her starting lift was more than my finishing lift. It was no dishonour to be in her shadow. I concentrated on my own performance and on doing my utmost to not fail any of my lifts.
I was amazed at how much lighted the weights felt when on the lifting platform in front of the crowd. They flew over head. I suspect there was a visable look of surprise on my face when they went up so easily.
I had little concept of my placing during the contest and was struggling to keep track of what the other girls were managing to lift.
It was to my great delight to find that with one lift to go I was looking at second place. It all depended on me getting my final lift.
I was going for a weight that I had only managed once before during training but with conviction and a coaches encouragement I threw it up for a successful lift. And claimed my second place finish.
It was an amazing day and second place in the Scottish Open is fine by me!!

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