Feel the Fear and do it anyway.

The Fear.
It is with each of us each and every day.
It feeds our failures and freezes our dreams.
It influences our decisions and corrupts our motivations.

We hide from it. Deny it exists. And try to make excuses to negate it.

It grows out of our insecurities and manifests itself in our actions.

It stops us from trying, for fear we will fail. It stops us from aiming high. It stops us from living out our dreams, even the small ones.

Everyday I come across the adverse effects of fear when I am with clients or training in the gym.

And what has become obvious is that most people are so halted by their deep seated fears that they are entirely unaware of them: they think that the reasons (excuses) that they have cleverly developed are genuine and unmovable; ‘I cannot go to the gym because I do not have the time’ , ‘I am too tired’, ‘I am too sore’, ‘I need to clean my bathroom’, ‘I have to call my parents’, ‘I will go tomorrow’, ‘I have to let the dog out’, ‘I am not fit enough to do the spin class’, ‘I am not strong enough to lift weights’…..

Everyone of these excuses is a barrier to your goals and is based in fear.

So how do you cope with it? How do you move through it? How do you stop fear from ruling your life?

You recognise it and you embrace it!

Are you really too tired to go to the gym or are you scared of not being fit enough compared to the other people there? Embrace it. Use it. Use that fear to drive you. To push you and help you exceed your expectations. Soon you will be the fittest person in the gym and you will find new fears to stand up to.

Don’t let fear stop you in your tracks and control your life.

Just feel the fear. And do it anyway!

No excuses.

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