Retired from your career or retired from living?


My parents recently retired from a life of farming. They went directly from active hard working seven days a week always on the go and went straight to a couple of rounds a golf a week and alot of sitting on the sofa watching golf in a week.
In the first 6 month I witnessed the rather speedy evolution of my fathers body fat as my mother continued to feed him the same as when they were working 24 hours a day.
They were aware of it too and made attempts at going for a forest walk or walking into the town for the papers or fitting in an extra round of golf. I wonder how familiar this is sounding?

Now, walking is great and if you put a bit of gusto into it then its a nice wee fat burner over a couple of miles. A half hearted half mile stroll down to the shop just wont reap the same benefits though.

My parents are just a timely example of how the rest of the ageing population of this country are not getting the help they need to keep them fit and independent through their golden years.

A frightening thought is that a very high percentage of the people who fill the old folks homes are there because they cannot get up off a chair without help. Add that to not being able to go to the toilet without help and we start to feel the fear.

The fear of the ravages of time taking our independence and rendering us back to the state of infancy.

It terrifies me that this state of dependency is so avoidable in a large number of cases. And that all it takes is a little guidance with strengthening work. It is a physiological fact that people can actually make themselves younger through strengthening their muscles and maintaining their mobility. My parents now are the very proud owners or a weights bench and happily follow my programme three times a week. The benefits are unquestionable with my Mother being Golf Club Champion at the age of 63 this year! There is no way that they will be crowding out the old folks home any time soon!

Personal Training is the ideal way to get help and advice to make sure you are lifting safely and effectively and to make sure you are helping and not hurting your body.

When searching for pictures to illustrate my point I was overwhelmed and delighted by the number of fit elderly people who I came across and who are still living life to the max and in many cases still taking care of their families (inbetween gym sessions!).

92 years old and hates all these old people she has to be surrounded by everyday!!

See you down the gym…..

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