How does she do it?

Stealing the title of Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest movie just seemed too easy. I don’t have children myself and can’t even begin to imagine how parents cope with organising their work/family/friends/life balance. I struggle enough just to organise myself.
I marvel at my clients when they juggle their little ones with their fitness (not literally, though I suspect that juggling children would be an awesome workout).

How do they manage? This kept bothering me. A couple of weeks ago I had to make what felt like an impossible decision between going for a run or getting my grocery shopping done. I only had time for one or the other and opted for the groceries. A decision that amusingly plagued me with a feeling of having missed out on something…maybe even a feeling of guilt. Had I made the wrong choice?
You may well laugh at this (and probably should). For anyone with kids these decisions happen on a daily basis. And my ‘moment’ must seem ridiculously trivial. I know that, from talking to parents, it is very often their own fitness and health that gets neglected in favour of the interests of their children.

There is of course no magic solution to this problem, there are only so many hours available each day and child care costs are crippling.

This impossible situation for parents brought me two new additions to my business: the Baby Bump Buster Bootcamps was the first and will follow the Buggy Fit format where parents can come along to Callendar Park and workout with other Mum’s and best of all they can bring their babies! Perfect. I picked Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am and can’t wait to get them started on the 27th of this month.

The other thing I am promoting is bringing babies along to Personal Training sessions. Or if you and your family are feeling brave why not let older children join in with you. They can be surprisingly motivating with their enthusiasm.

I feel quite strongly about families working out together and think it helps with the longevity of your commitment to change and a healthier lifestyle.
My hope is that this makes ‘having it all’ just that little bit easier.

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