Paleo update

Getting more and more immersed in the Paleo world as the days go by. I have been ploughing my way through all the books and am quickly noticing some contradictions (or differing opinions)…sweet potato, no sweet potato…coffee, no coffee…tap water, no tap water…??! Thats right, I came across this and thought…what the !!?? Then I thought about it and, well, I can see the point…we evolved on pure unadulterated H2O, no additives to make it safe. This is just one step too far for me though and as much as I would love to drink pure H2O (like I grew up on at the farm – fresh, straight from the hills spring water) I think I will continue to play russian roulette with the kitchen tap for the time being.
The choice is yours of course.
On another note, I invested a whopping £15 in a slow cooker today. I was finding myself unaccustomed to the excessive time I was spending in the kitchen preparing the various, and largely fabulous, Paleo meals. I’m thinking, root veg and lovely red meat ready for me at tea time…mmm.
Check this for how to use a slow cooker or ‘crock pot’. It all seems wonderfully simple and I feel filled with enthusiasm for the coming weeks.
If curiosity is starting to get the better of you there are a myriad of websites out there to help you. I found this one
But stick Paleo or Paleo Diet in Google and hey presto!

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