Focused Focus

We train hard.

Work hard.

Worry about our relationships with people and how we are treating them.

We hone our diets and our PE kit.

We learn new movements and look after our mobility.

But what about our mental state? Our mindset? Our focus? Our perspective?

I pay a great deal of attention to people who are masters of their craft, whether they are business women, athletes, scientists, philosophers, writers or generally Good Humans. And many of them have several things in common.

One of those things is meditation.

Maybe it is coincidence that this is a theme with highly successful individuals.

And maybe not.

It got me interested enough to try though.

I use the Headspace app.



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New spaces for new clients.

I have decided to open up some space for new clients.

I am happy to take you for a one off session or for a block.

Please get in touch with any questions or to book in.


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CrossFit HQ video interview

During the 2016 Open competition CrossFit Glasgow had a visitor from CrossFit HQ with a camera.

He spent a few days filming and interviewing members and coaches in the gym.

CrossFit Glasgow has a reputation for generating a high level of enthusiasm and participation every year in the Open and have had the highest number of entrants into the competition in Europe several years in a row.

One year later and the videos are coming out for the 2017 Open.

Here is my snippet

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