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Everything you need to be a Good Human

Good Human Life is a Life Coaching service available to all.

The Good Human Tribe has access to day by day Life Coaching steps to help you live into a great life.

Included is a 12 week diet plan, workouts and recipes alongside the Life Coaching prompts, tasks, plans and guidance.

Check out The Good Human Podcast for insight into what we cover in the Tribe.

Due to demand, individual Life Coaching will be available this space or follow us on socials.

Why confidence is the Holy Grail of happiness and why it isn't what you think it is.

Available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Amazon music.

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Members App

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Your members app allows you to quickly and simply access your:

  • 'Good Human Life' day by day steps

  • 12 week diet plan

  • private groups

  • 30 day challenges

  • podcast episodes

  • blog

Anne doing a stretch

Good Humans have access to:

- life coaching

- 30 day fruit and veg challenge

- 30 day mindset change challenge

- 12 week online diet plans

- book recommendations

- podcast episodes

- meal prep ideas

- top tips

- fitness challenges

- behavioural psychology

- online workouts

- beginners home workouts

- stretching and flexibility

- online health and fitness

- online exercise

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